No matter where you look, Rihanna is (almost) everywhere (and no I’m not only talking about my blog!)!

We all know about her very recent collaboration with River Island:


This collection will be available in selected Rives Island stores starting March 5th, and luckily (for us Belgians) Antwerp will be one of them!

If you’re one of the unlucky persons without a selected River Island store near you please don’t worry! The collection will also be available online!

But busy as any popular celebrity is, she couldn’t stop with designing “just” a clothing line, to make the package complete she also decided to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics. 


The Riri (loves) M.A.C. collections will be launched throughout 2013, with the first one being released in May together with the start of  Riri’s Diamonds World Tour concert on March 4 & 5 in New York.  This first product to be launched will be the Riri Woo, a signature shade of the well known red lipstick called Ruby Woo. 



Together with the seasons the collection will change, ending with a special holiday collection in December which will also be the most elaborate one.

Some more Rives Island x Rihanna collection images:



I’m so sad I wasn’t able to get tickets for the Rihanna concerts in Antwerp on June 5 & 6. 




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