Here we go again!

I know I haven’t been a good girl lately but I promise I’ll try harder from now on ;).

I’ve decided to start my own Youtube channel, though I’ve only made one video so far… Soon, when I find some more free time, I’ll finally make one on my USA-haul.

For now on I can please you guys with the discovery of a webstore which sells fabulous bracelets, all over the world!




Don’t you just want all of them? I had already filled up my shopping cart which ended up with a grand total of 300$, (thats only jewelry!) so I decided to wait for my paycheck to come before actually ordering it 😉 ! 

Finally lets spoil you guys with some niceness…


See y’all soon!



Today I got mail! And not just any mail, it was Louis Vuitton mail! I thought I would have won a free bag (of course I knew that could only happen in my dreams), but it appeared to be a thank you note! So sweet of them to still think of me (good trick to make you think of them too, which I do almost every day in my dreams 😉 ). Anyways it was much appreciated so thank you LV Antwerp, just send me a reduction coupon next time!