Wild At Heart


Hi Guys!

Here’s another outfit of the day for you!

Since temperatures rose above 30° C (or 86° F) I didn’t really feel like making a big effort…


Hallo allemaal,

vandaag weer een outfit van de dag voor jullie.

Aangezien het vandaag super warm was had ik geen zin om veel tijd/werk te steken in mijn outfit… 



Top: Only

Mini Skort: Zara

Necklace: H&M

Watch: Michael Kors (see previous post) 

Shoes: None 😉


Wishful Thinking!


As soon as the seasons start to change my mind seems to do the exact same thing!

Summer is coming to an end which includes tons of new clothes and shoes being sold in every store! And no, these items are totally different than the ones you got just a year ago, so don’t think you can wear those again! 

So there we go again, spending every free minute checking out those new jackets online, or glancing at those fabulous new boots in the shop window, wishing you could have all of this right here and right now!


Wanneer de seizoenen veranderen lijkt het alsof mijn kleerkast hetzelfde moet doen! En ja natuurlijk moet je je winterjassen weer vanonder het stof halen wanneer de zomer er weer op zit, maar ook horen daarbij natuurlijk weer een nieuw paar laarzen, want denk maar niet dat je die laarzen van vorige winter nog kan afdragen (totally out of fashion) ! 

Dus hier gaan we dan weer, elke vrije minuut spenderen we online op zoek naar de ideale winterjas, laarzen, sjaal, broek… Need to say more?

Here’s my wishlist!



Another Aztec skirt (I already own three! of them) as seen on Modemusthaves €19,95


Perfect Denim Shirt as seen on Modemusthaves €29,95



Camel Fringe Shoes as seen on Modemusthaves €29,95


Leather Biker Boots as seen on Zara €139,00 😦



Homie You Don’t Know Me Shirt as seen on Forever21 €13,75


Studded Bra as soon on Nelly €34,95 (paring this with cool muscle tee!)





Outfit of the day


Here are some pictures of the outfit I wore today!

Enkele foto’s van mijn outfit van vandaag!


Pants / Broek: €30 Bobo Tremelo

Blouse: €20 Zara

Shoes / Schoenen: €20 American Eagle

Bracelets / Armbanden: €5 H&M

T-Shirt: €5 H&M

Red is the new blonde

Yes I did it!

After years of contemplating I finally took the plunge and died my hair red!

It came as a bit of shock for everyone in my surroundings but i’ve had this idea for such a long time I decided it was now or never!
So once she took out all of my extensions (after 4 months!, I could start crying…) my hairdresser showed me all the color options and I went for the Redken Chromatic Colors in number 6R (I think).
And here’s the reason why:
At first I was really pleased with my new hairdo, since the red color really makes my blue eyes pop!, but I still get those days were I really miss my long blonde hair! Not only do guys stare at it instead of complimenting on it, but all those perfectly choosen blonde-hair-matching-clothes don’t really fit with this new red anymore. You might think of it as a positive thing (yes it is a good excuse to go and buy new clothes, I know) wasn’t it for the fact that I made myself the promise that I wouldn’t go shopping until we leave for the USA at the 31st of March!
After two months of abstinence (were browsing online stores the entire evening didn’t really seem to be such a good idea after all, seeing all those new items!) I did it again! I went out to my favorite nearby shopping city called Hasselt and went to my alltime favorite store: Zara! And as usual I didn’t succeed at leaving the store empty-handed.
First of all I got this scarf, love all those bright colors mixed with the army green (yes it’s more green in real life)! (€ 22,95)
Next up: the shoes!
I had already seen these online but they were even prettier in real life so I just had to get them! (and they were on sale! € 39,99 instead op € 79,99)
I also needed some new blouses so I got these ones (€ 39,95): 
Last but not least, another pair of shoes but Oh how I love them! (€ 29,99)
I’m so glad I found these after seeing their picture on tumblr, can’t wait for the sun to pop out and wear these babies!
That’s all for now, soon more about my Redken love!

All that glitters!

Hi there!

I proudly present: yesterday’s outfit of the day!












Glittery jumper: Zara!

Scarf with skulls: Zara!

Boots: Modemusthaves , cheap but ohhh sooo pretty! and comfortable! and warm!!!

Get them here! Absolutely love them!

Trousers: Vero Moda

Blazer: Zara! (I know, again, but it is black and it has studs so it’s my go to blazer at any time!)

I hope you all loved this post and pictures ;), please let me know if you know how to get a Zara sponsorship ;).

At this moment I’m really into black, glitters, skulls and studs but I guess you might have noticed that already.

All this combined with my matte black nail polish makes me wanna go and buy a Harley! 😉

See y’all soon!



Another day off, another day of shopping, yet this time it was supposed to be different!

I started my day filming my very first day in the life video, but I surely didn’t end it that way. Once arrived at my shopping destination I got totally absorbed by all those pretty things I even forgot to videotape them!

Shame on me!

I guess I’m not a professional blogger/vlogger yet, I’ll try to do better next time!


Anyways I can still share all my little treasures with you guys:




And no, I’m not sponsored by Zara (yet) I just loooooove all their items so much!

I also really love black, studs, sequins and leather, can you tell?