Wishful Thinking!


As soon as the seasons start to change my mind seems to do the exact same thing!

Summer is coming to an end which includes tons of new clothes and shoes being sold in every store! And no, these items are totally different than the ones you got just a year ago, so don’t think you can wear those again! 

So there we go again, spending every free minute checking out those new jackets online, or glancing at those fabulous new boots in the shop window, wishing you could have all of this right here and right now!


Wanneer de seizoenen veranderen lijkt het alsof mijn kleerkast hetzelfde moet doen! En ja natuurlijk moet je je winterjassen weer vanonder het stof halen wanneer de zomer er weer op zit, maar ook horen daarbij natuurlijk weer een nieuw paar laarzen, want denk maar niet dat je die laarzen van vorige winter nog kan afdragen (totally out of fashion) ! 

Dus hier gaan we dan weer, elke vrije minuut spenderen we online op zoek naar de ideale winterjas, laarzen, sjaal, broek… Need to say more?

Here’s my wishlist!



Another Aztec skirt (I already own three! of them) as seen on Modemusthaves €19,95


Perfect Denim Shirt as seen on Modemusthaves €29,95



Camel Fringe Shoes as seen on Modemusthaves €29,95


Leather Biker Boots as seen on Zara €139,00 😦



Homie You Don’t Know Me Shirt as seen on Forever21 €13,75


Studded Bra as soon on Nelly €34,95 (paring this with cool muscle tee!)





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