Beauty Shopping

Hi there!

Here I am again (finally) with a new online shopping experience I would like to share with you guys!

Since I haven’t had the time to do anything but work in the past few weeks (our store has been soooooo busy, you can’t even imagine) I had to resort to my pc to fulfill my shopping needs. I absolutely love spending the entire evening browsing the web in search for the perfect outfit or beauty products, yet this time I should have done some better researching!

This one evening (about a week ago) I decided to order some of my favorite beauty products at my favorite offline store online! I chose to order at the online Ici Paris XL store, although there is a store in my neighborhood I couldn’t resist the offer of free next day shipping (which would still be faster than having to wait for my next day off to actually go there and get the products myself!). So I dug my Visa out of my wallet, blew off the dust and typed in my pin! 

Here’s the result:


 I absolutely love all of the products except for one thing: the Philosophy Hope In A Jar oil free moisturizer (€37,15)


Though I love using their shower products (and their fabulous smell), I really dislike this product. It might have a great effect on your skin but unfortunately I won’t be able to tell you guys since I stopped using it ever since the first time I applied it all over my face.

Why? I guess something must be wrong if the first thing you do after applying a product is checking the expiration date!

I absolutely don’t know how they’ve managed to sell this product once with such a smell! It really is horrible, and no I don’t want to put anything on my face (!) that smells awful! 


Fortunately I also bought some awesome things:



YSL Touche éclat in number 2; I guess I don’t really have to say anything about this other than it’s just a great concealer! (which you all already knew!)



Yes I did it! I went the high-end way and I love it!

This YSL Terre Saharienne bronzer might seem a little dark but you really just need to apply a small amount for a perfect contouring of the face. (€43,60)

Next I also ordered another Philosophy product which I don’t regret buying 😉


Hands Of Hope is a nice lightweight hand-cream with a nice scent to it! Nothing really special about it, it’s just another hand-cream. (€9,27)



I really needed a new blush brush! It’s perfect to apply my new YSL bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks. (€9,95)



After running out of my Make Up Forever green primer I was in search for a new one to try out and fall in love with… this one ain’t it 😦 Though it’s green and it doesn’t smell awful (like other reviews suggest, it just smells like pistachios! come on you guys surely haven’t smelled Hope In A Jar yet!) it just doesn’t really provide much of a coverage for my morning redness. It does have SPF in it so yay for that! Clinique Redness Solution Daily Protective Base (€20,60)

Last but not least my all time favorite foundation: Clinique Even Better in number 6, it’s the perfect light weight foundation for a medium to light coverage. It wouldn’t suggest using this one after a night out but is perfect for everyday use for someone that likes the natural look! (€27,95)


That’s enough for now I guess, talk to you all soon!






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