My my my telephone!


If you’ve never heard of this name, now the time has come to change this (and please do it quick!)!

This LA based company creates one of the prettiest collection of iPhone cases I’ve ever seen  (recently).

Think studs, gold/silver and our dearly beloved Stars and Stripes (I am a true America lover if you might have not noticed by now) and this is what you get: 



But there’s just one problem, yep you’ve got it right: the price! Since they aren’t that “cheap” (think 200$) I would have such a hard time choosing just one out of all those pretty designs. So I would go ahead and visit the closest H&M near you (or any local tiny shop run by chinese people would do) and buy the cheap-ass version so you don’t feel bad when you go and buy a new one next week (at least that’s what I tend to do).

But since looking still is free, here we go!:




But hey, let’s not be sad, if you’re one of those (lucky) people that is able to spend 200$ on an iPhone case, please don’t forget to check out the Nialaya jewelry, it’s astonishing and most important the Biebs is also a fan!




Now let’s look at some other cases I love, first of all, of course, Marc Jacobs:





But H&M does a great job also, here are some of the covers I own:


The gold one however did mess up my network connection :s (has anyone else had the same experience?)


That’s all folks,



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