Let me show you!

Dear readers,

here I am again with a next blogpost. I know this is choosing the easy way, but I just really wanted to share these lovely pictures with you guys!

But first things first! I just wanted to tell you about my love for Marc. No, Marc, isn’t the name of my boyfriend, it’s the name of my favorite accessory designer. Unfortunately I cannot call myself a proud owner of one of his accessories, but (oh boy) would I love to be one!

I do already own one pair of his legendary Mouse flats (yes, that’s Mouse with a capital M).

Even though they are slightly to big for my feet, I just have to keep them. I was able to get them a few years ago at La Bottega Hasselt, definitely a store worth visiting if you are a shoe lover but they also sell online! I might not wear them that much but I enjoy looking at them just as much. I think every girl should own a pair of these mousies because they give every outfit just that little extra touch!


I still regret not buying anything during my visit to the Marc Jacobs store in New York a few years ago, I guess I was just to overwhelmed with all those pretty things I just couldn’t make a decision (lets be honest I just wanted to have them all!).

I did however get a next opportunity last week while I was shopping in Antwerp city (which you can read more about in my previous post), at least so I thought. While in search for the LV store I discovered a store (I just can’t remember the name) which had some pretty neon Marc Jacobs accessories eyeing at me from the window. However, once entered the store (which I normally would have never done, thank you winter sales for making these high-end stores suddenly a lot more accessible) I was a bit disappointed. It seemed like they put almost all the available accessories in the window! Too bad for me (my bank account jumping for joy at the same time) I left the store empty handed.

I guess I’ll save that none spent money on the next trip to the USA! Though I can make the Belgian Marc Jacobs fans amongst you guys happy already by this:

marc by marc jacobs

90 Rue Antoine Dansaert
Brussels, Belgium 1000
contact details
Tel: 32 2 511 05 82

I love pink! (can you tell?)


That’s all folks!

Write you soon!


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