New Year, New loves

Hi there, since it has been since last year that I wrote something on this blog it’s about time for me to date you up on the new things in my life!

First of all: Happy New Year!

New year resolution: write more blogposts!

So now we’ve handled this sh*t let’s move on to the more important things in life! (Yes, I only have one new year’s resolution because I don’t believe in these things actually working, at least not for me)

The first week of the year I was lucky enough to have some days off, so guess what happened next! Indeed, I took my best friend onto the train to Antwerp City for a whole day of shopping galore! Since it was only the second day of the winter sales and the crowds where overwhelming (more clothing items on the floor of the store than on the hangers, a one hour waiting line at both the fitting rooms and the cash register! (or almost)), I didn’t really buy that much, but the thing(s) I did buy where absolutely worth it (and without any discount!).




Don’t you just love it! At least I do, I just keep looking at it all the time.

It’s called Emilie and it’s about the cheapest wallet I could find at the LV store (which had a decent size).







The next product I absolutely love is this Philosophy packet which I got as a Christmas gift for myself. After using their Raspberry sorbet shower gel for a few months I thought it was about time to ad a new fragrance to my collection. This box consists of a shower gel, body lotion and a lipgloss all in the same great scent called vanilla frost.










I purchased mine at the Ici Paris Xl store in Hasselt but you can also order it online. 


Just do it, you’ll love it! (I promise)


Next thing is a product I had heard so much great things about I just had to get it! It’s the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain(or Rouge pur couture vernis a levres) in number 18 called Rose Pastelle. I choose the lightest color of pink available because that’s what I like my lips to look like, though some might find it a bit too much Barbie-like 😉 (I don’t care, every little girl wants to be Barbie right?).

So far I like it a lot! It looks very fluid and weird when you put it on, but once dried it leaves a perfect color on your lips which will last you a long time (even when drinking)! It’s almost like the gloss kind of disappears and the color stains your lips to the very, very best.




Please forgive the bad pictures in the (almost) dark but I just got it today and I absolutely had to show you guys! Though I was clever enough to take a picture of me wearing it in the daylight.


This item can also be purchased online here.

Last but not least their is my latest nail-polish addiction called Leading Lady by (what else?) Essie!

Its the perfect Christmas nail-polish you can ever wish for. The color is just beyond pretty and! it even has some sparkles in it!

The only downside about this is that it is pretty hard to get off your nails! 😦

foto 4





That’s all for now folks,

see you soon (hopefully!),




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