Matte Hatter

Hi guys, here I am again, Yes I’m still alive and kickin’ but I’ve been so busy my blog hasn’t been getting the attention it actually deserves!

I’m so happy, today I finally found the one nail polish I absolutely had to have!

After seeing this picture about a month ago my quest for the ultimate matte black nail polish started!



Finally today is the day where I can proudly show you guys my very own matte black nails ( I still have to work on getting that french manicure right 😉 ):


I was a bit hesitant when I actually was standing in the drugstore with this Bourjois So Matt nail polish in my hands, because I thought it was going to be yet another promising product with little or no results. However I was (luckily) proven wrong this time! I absolutely love the way it makes my oh so shiny Licorice by Essie look. Don’t you?


Now let’s move on to some more professional pictures…





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