Hi there!

I’ll show you guys some pictures of the results from my shopping trip to Antwerp a few weeks ago already.
Me and my friend started our day with a lovely Starbucks Late, after we’ve finished it on our way to the Vuitton store, it was time to spend some money!

First stop: Louis Vuitton, my very first time in a Vuitton store and I can already call it a great success. Only thing is that I’ll probably won’t allow myself to go there anymore in the next five years or so.
Anyways here are some pictures of my Vuitton treasures:

Excuse me for the bad quality pictures, but my camera was dead all day, so I”ll try to make some new ones tomorrow. Also then I will show you what’s inside these boxes ;).
Afters spending more than one hour inside our beloved store it was time to continue our journey.
As in any other big city, all major stores can be found in Antwerp and so this is what I bought from them:
Next stop was Bershka (for those of you that never heard of it before, it’s somewhat similar to Zara or H&M, only their sizes run smaller!) . Here I found a white blazer which I really needed and a jeans jacket, which I didn’t really needed that much but looked so cute I just couldn’t do anything else but buy it.
The coral dress I bought next is from Forever 21, only about a year ago they finally opened their first store in Belgium. I could have spend another entire day in their jewelry department, but that was just not gonna happen, I’ll have to return another day I guess.

We did however find these little cutypie earrings, which we as true America lovers just had to buy!


After spending some more hours downtown Antwerp we decided to take the bus to a nearby shopping center; Wijnegem. At this mall was, most importantly, the Hollister Store to be found! After waiting for about half an hour we finally made it into the store! After more than half hour we made it out again with these items:

€60,00 each
Hope you enjoyed my money spending, because I sure did! 😉

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    heyy there! i’m liking your blog! 🙂 i started following you on blonlovin! 🙂 follow my blog on bloglovin? 🙂


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