One to watch!

Lana Del Rey

Not only do I love her name, I also love her music, her style and her looks!

Born on June 26 1986, which makes her only two years older than me!, this style icon got world fame with her song & music video called Videogames. Looking at this video takes you back in time, to the early 50’s & 60’s in America. Something Elizabeth Grant (her real name) is capable of doing herself as well, looking at her she reminds you of a Glamourqueen from the early days which spends her time smoking and drinking but still looking fabulous all the time!


Lana isn’t only into music, she’s also into fashion. Mulberry (a brand you fashionistas all know for sure) even launched a bag named after her: The Del Rey. Normally being released in fall 2012, the demand for the bag was so big Mulberry decided to reschedule it’s launch to April 2012. Limited quantities of the bag are being sold in London, New York and Singapore already, while the general release will be on the 14 of May 2012. 


Lana ft her Del Rey bag by Mulberry

Creative director of Mulberry, Emma Hill states: “We wanted it to be functional with an uptown twist as Lana is such a wonderful uptown girl herself; its shape implies structure yet it has gorgeous squidgeablity! To me it also had to be very Mulberry, very us so we gave it the classic postman’s lock hardware and a great front pocket – for all your bits and pieces! It’s a mixture of Mulberry, a touch of Lana’s old-school glamour, and total practicality: it’s quickly become our best friend!”


Prices start at 1300$ so you know what to do! The bag will be available in Deer Brown Grainy Print, Black Forest Soft Matte, Black Soft Spongy and Petrol Veg Tanned Lambskin leather.




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