Ever heard about a girl named Astrid Bryan?

No? Shame on you!

Astrid is a Belgian modell / actress / television star / celebrity and sort of housewife. She became famous in Belgium last year when her first television show: “Astrid in Wonderland” was launched. In this show we follow Astrid around Hollywood (and sometimes Belgium when she comes over to visit her family). 


I absolutely love this kind of reality tv, because it shows the life that everybody wants to have (or is it only me?) but doesn’t get. Astrid is so lucky! Not only does she look beautiful (in every single outfit that is!) but she also has this wonderful husband John. Although he is like twenty years older than here a lot of the time it seems like she is the oldest one of the two! John is a serious business man but when his job is over they have so much fun together! (a good example of this is Astrid’s obsession with John’s bald head, she likes to eat almost everything off of it)


It’s the kind television that provides you with an instant feeling of happiness, and that’s all we want after a hard day at the office. 

But Astrid ha even more to offer, as a true fashionista she also spends her free time writing a blog which is surely worth following : http://theblondeandthebrunette.com/, as a Hollywood insider she surely is a good trend spotter. She even got John his matching Louboutin’s to the ones she is wearing in the picture above, isn’t that true love? 

Another obsession of hers are these “statues” called Visitors by Cores Da Terra. 


The price of these Visitors ranges from 70€ for the little Johnny’s (as Astrid likes to call them) to 700€ for the big ones. According to Astrid these statues looks just like her husband John… I saw these statues at a store once before I ever saw them on television and I absolutely loved them right away! Only thing is the price… but I guess one day I’ll be brave enough to go and get me one, small or big doesn’t matter. Buying a Visitor is only good for you, it also helps people in Brasil, it’s part of social project to help people to get a job so you don’t have to feel guilty spending all this money on a statue. (you should also check out their other design objects like the big apples or pears which surely look good in any living room http://www.coresdaterra.com.br/)

Last but not least there’s also her brother Laurens, or as she calls him “the Lau”, who also lives in Hollywood now and is working at John’s company. Astrid seems like a mother to him when you see her arriving at his place and telling him to clean up and not to bring to many girls home.


So for those of you that didn’t know Astrid yet, you do now! Be sure to check out her television show or just look at the pictures of het amazing body!

Oh well I surely would like to live her life, but for now I’m happy with mine 🙂 



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