Pretty Please!?

Alright, so I did actually manage to get to the store I wanted today because for a while it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it, meaning that I had to give up on my lovely pink Cambridge satchel Fluoro look-a-like bag. The Neon Yellow one looked fabulous but the pink one is even nicer, euhm Hot Pink I mean!


I think it even glows in the dark! Yes I’ve made the right decision, pink is the way to go for me. (Mine is by a brand called SilliS) 

That’s not all I got today, another package was delivered at my door this morning and guess what’s inside… Yep you’ve got it right, it’s a pair of white high tops with a hidden heel, as seen on many celebrities. Only one tiny difference: all the Hollywood celebs get the Isabel Marrant ones which are about 500$ and mine were only 50$. That’s a good deal right?


I ordered them online at about a week ago and I must say they look quite different than the picture that’s shown on their website. As did the earrings I ordered too, the look so much smaller in real life…


My cheap-ass knock offs 😉 Not only do they look great they are comfy as hell!




Love is all we need!

For the Belgian readers amongst you there’s another new shoe brand called March 23rd which also sells some beautiful high top wedges for about 200€, it was just a bit to expensive for me, that’s until the day I decide I really Need a pair of these pretty shoes… won’t be long I guess. Virginie Morobe was born on March 23rd so she decided this would also be the name of her shoe brand, not only the shoes but also the packaging looks great! (more on:


Owner & Founder Virginie Morobe


Fab packaging!


Kate Sand: 199€

I also went shopping for something else today:


That’s right I got me some dollars! Since we’ll be leaving in less than two weeks it was time for me to go to the bank and pick up some dollars! Ooh how I love this currency! It can buy you everything!

Write you tomorrow! 



4 thoughts on “Pretty Please!?

  1. fatine says:

    i couldnt find a trace for the brand of the bag all over the internet …
    i loved them and wanted to order one but i guess i will try to make some changes for the spelling

  2. fatine says:

    ah yeah and the march23rd shoes are unbelivebly amazing and you did the perfect choice
    i checked their website and YESSS this pair is the best!!
    also the isabel marant 50$ shoes they look great ! i ve got mine in black

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