Hi there!

Since I’ve only joined wordpress today it might be the right timing for me to introduce myself.

I’m a 23 year old girl that just loves to spend her free time reading blogs & magazines, watching “stupid” television shows and travel to the USA! But that’s not the only reason for the dollar to show up on the top of my page, another hobby of mine is shopping, and guess what you need for that… right Dollars, and lots of them!

Only two more weeks till me and my boyfriend will be making our 3rd trip to the United States and I’m so excited! We will be traveling to Panama City Beach, Florida. Since my boyfriend will be busy almost all day long (he will be joining a competition in paramotor flying) I will have all of the time to keep you guys posted on all of my activities.

So make sure you check out my Twitter and Facebook profile (Instagram is coming  soon) and join me on my journey.

My daily activity is wondering around in a halloween store owned by my family-in-law.

My ultimate goal is to open my own online shop, some day!

Kissess E.


3 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. kathleenlisson says:

    Good luck on your blog and I hope you enjoy your visit to Florida. I went to Miami last October and the food was amazing.

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